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About Used Equipment

The decision to purchase a used baler or baling press can either reduce capital outlay, or result in an expensive and frustrating experience. The integrity of the seller and the wisdom of the purchaser will determine the results, BUT the purchaser has the most responsibility to control that outcome. Purchasers of used balers from C&M Baling Systems can be assured a “refurbished” prior owned baler is in fact refurbished!

At C&M Baling Systems

At C&M Baling Systems, we regularly receive phone calls from customers of “used machinery” dealer(s) requesting technical assistance because a used baler purchased will not operate properly. We all-to-often learn the used baler had NOT been fully or properly repaired as promised…and the new owner had no warranty period to insure the so called “refurbished used baler” would operate properly. To correct the deficiency, additional costs are incurred…resulting in an expensive and frustrating experience.

Purchasers of used balers from C&M Baling Systems can be assured a “refurbished” prior owned baler is in fact refurbished by the same C&M employees and staff that build new balers…NOT those that just try to get a baler in condition to sell.ALL C&M REFURBISHED BALERS AND BALING PRESSES ARE SOLD WITH A LIMITED WARRANTY.

We strongly advise those interested in purchasing a used baler to “test-drive” just as you would a used automobile. In this case, the “test drive” would be a 30 to 60 day warranty period. IF THE SELLER WILL NOT PROVIDE A WARRANTY, THEN BEWARE. The purchaser should also allow the seller to commission the baler and produce acceptable bales so the warranty actually will only be needed for the structure and components of the used baler.

Minimum CHECKLIST for used baler repairs

  • Does baler need a new floor and/or ram base(relining)?
  • Do any normal wear parts need to be replaced(such as ram wear & guide strips, electric & hydraulic components, shear blade, end-door hinge or lock, or auto-tie wire inserter/twister parts)?
  • Has compression ram cylinder been disassembled, repaired with new seals, and pressure tested?
  • Has hydraulic fluid been removed from reservoir, tank & strainers cleaned, and then refilled with new fluid for testing?
  • Has baler been shop/factory tested actually baling materials (this is a must)?
  • Has optional cleaning and painting been included?
  • Has optional obsolete components been replaced with others currently available?
  • What is USED BALER WARRANTY for electric, hydraulic, and structural integrity?

Available Used Equipment

C&M Wide Mouth Tobacco Baler

USED not yet refurbished for next owner – C&M Horizontal Baler with a 78” L x 46” W infeed opening medium duty single 5” full baling chamber penetrating compression ram press with a 20 HP power unit originally used to bale tobacco into 46” x 46” bales. The baler operator can fully eject the tied bales. Our factory can add a second 5” bore compression cylinder to convert this great conditioned baler suitable for baling light-weight aluminum cans or other materials not requiring over 80,000 pounds of compression force. The baler has a pre-press tramper to increase density of loaded materials the baling chamber prior to compression into the baling chamber.


Not yet refurbished



C&M factory refurbished American Horizontal Auto-Tie Baler


Factory Refurbished Automatic - Tie - Ambaco model 3029-730R with 30" x 29" hopper opening that produces a bale that is var. L x 29"W x 42"H, 7" x 42" Industrial grade cylinder with a platen force of 115,450Ibs., four wire ties, oil cooler, ~so gal reservoir, 30-HP 460V power unit, 4.5 cycles per minute, Allen Bradley SLC 500 PLC with AB SLCSOO Data Table Access Module, left hand inserter/twister, left hand hopper door & operator controls, and adjustable material level photoelectric sensors. Baler is rated to produce two to three tons per hour with an estimated bale weight of 990 to 103Slbs. of OCC. This baler has been completely refurbished by C&M manufacturing department, fully tested, & repainted, and will include a 90-day limited warranty for hydraulics & structure.