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Baler Replacement Parts

Replacement or spare wear parts, quick-lock and single loop baling wire, and factory or field repair services are available as needed. Expedited and special order parts can be shipped by contacting our parts department at (336) 723-4869 or (800) 225-3796 or by email at . C&M Technical Services can be contacted via our general number (336) 723-1838.

Genuine Replacement Parts

When replacement parts are required, our Parts Department can provide most all components for your baling press.

  • Hydraulic system valves, pumps, filters, pressure switches
  • New compression or door cylinders
  • Electrical parts including new PLCs (controllers), motor starters, disconnects, fuses, push buttons
  • Banner material level photos sensors and SONAC Sensors
  • C&M auto-tie system wear parts such as wire twisters, wire rollers and guides
  • C&M standard & serrated shear blades Material retention “dogs” or springs
  • Cylinder repacking kits

  • Cut-to-fit abrasive resistant steel plate for relining your baler floor or ram
  • Ram wear strips for upper, side or bottom made from UHMW, Nylon or graphite impregnated materials
  • And, most any other parts or baling system supplies.

C&M replacement parts are competitively priced and promptly shipped by our experience parts department staff.