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C&M Environmental

About “Going Green”

There are limited forests, limited petroleum reserves, limited areas to mine copper, aluminum or other minerals, and, just as important, limited financial resources to manufacture and package goods. C&M Baling Systems strives to offer machinery and equipment not only to help preserve our natural resources by reclaiming and recycling waste or unusable materials, but also to increase the efficiency of doing so by lowering the costs of material handling and recycling operations. When costs are more to reclaim and recycle than to landfill waste, the incentive to save and reuse these valuable or useful materials is less attractive. We sometimes have legislative or corporate incentives to reduce the use of our landfills, and, all too often, costly human resources or energy are over consumed. The trend of “GOING GREEN” does not need to be costly and can actually increase the operating efficiency of many operations – if (1) all material handling costs are considered, (2) a well thought‐out plan is implemented, and (3) markets are located for recovered waste.