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C & M Baling Wire

Replacement or spare wear parts, quick-lock and single loop baling wire, and factory or field repair services are available as needed. Expedited and special order parts can be shipped by contacting our parts department at (336) 723-4869 or (800) 225-3796 or by email at . C&M Technical Services can be contacted via our general number (336) 723-1838.

Baling Wire

Baling wire can be shipped from C&M inventory or from our distributors located across the USA and shipped by sea container to most anywhere in the world. Commonly used single loop wire in numerous lengths and gauges is priced to retain your business. Quick-Lock wire of standard lengths can be shipped from multiple locations and custom wire lengths can be ordered, manufactured, and shipped within a few days.

Auto-tie wire is sold in pallet lots of 36 each 100 pound or 50 pound boxes, or at a slightly higher cost, as single boxes. Click here to request a baling wire quotation. Or you can also call or email our parts department.