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C&M Cart Lifters, Dumpers & Dump Carts

C&M Cart Lifters, Dumpers & Dump Carts

Carts (sometimes called trucks) can significantly increase the efficiency of collecting and transporting production materials and waste. C&M cart lifters/dumpers speed-up cart unloading, reduce manual material handling and therefore helps eliminate back strain.

C&M offers multiple arrangements for cart lifters/dumpers. The C&M baler integrated cart lifter/dumper has the hydraulic power and operator controls incorporated into the C&M baler power unit and is directly attached to the baler. C&M cart/lifter dumpers can be used on C&M manual tie and automatic tie baling presses. For existing balers, compactors or other receptacles, C&M has independently powered & controlled cart lifters/dumpers that can be designed to fit your system.

Whether integrated with a C&M baling system or an independent cart/lifter dumper, there are special applications when existing dump carts or gaylords can be utilized. C&M custom designed cart lifters/dumpers can be manufactured for handling two styles of dump carts when necessary, and with custom designed add-ons, the C&M cart/lifter dumper becomes an integral part of your material handling system.

C&M also furnishes safety guards with baler integrated safety interlocks, remote operator controls and optional pull-up or swing-out safety gates.

C&M offers different sizes of cart lifter/dumpers to fit all C&M’s balers and most other compactors and balers. Belt conveyors can also be loaded by C&M cart lifter/dumpers, each customizable to the specific application.

C&M Baler Series Heavy-Duty INTEGRATED Cart Lifter/Gaylord Dumper

CM30, CM34, CM50, CM60, & CM78 Series Dumping Systems directly connected to the baler and utilizing the balers power unit with 230V/460V TEFC 5-HP motor, double acting dual 4” diameter cylinders & hydraulic power and electric controls including safety guards for both sides of lifter.



CM30, CM34, CM50, CM60, & CM78 Series Dumping Systems with independent hydraulic power unit and electric controls including 230V/460V TEFC 5-HP motor, double acting dual 4" diameter cylinders & safety guards both sides of lifter.

All CUSTOM DESIGNED AS NEEDED FOR PREDETERMINED CARTS/GAYLORDS and "Optional" slide-up front lift gate for cart/box lifter.

C&M Dump Carts

C&M Baling Systems offers a wide variety of standard and custom designed dump carts. The C&M steel carts are heavy duty and come in a wide variety of capacities with any required size fixed or rotating casters.

C&M Baling Systems also offers high quality, molded plastic Toter dump carts and C&M custom designed plastic molded dump carts to fit the needs of any material handling situation. The C&M steel or molded plastic custom carts can be designed with 4 casters or with 5 casters for heavier loads, both with forklift pockets.

C&M heavy‐load dump cart ‐ CM463535BR 1.25 cubic yard

C&M heavy‐load dump cart ‐ CM463535BR‐5 Caster 1.25 cubic yard

C&M heavy‐duty all steel dump cart 1.5 cubic yard

C&M special low‐cost poly‐molded dump cart 1.68 cubic yard or 48.6 cubic feet

Toter universal mobile truck ‐ 1 cubic yard with pintle hook towing assembly

C&M special custom molded dump cart 0.9 cubic yard or 24.3 cubic feet

C&M special poly‐molded tilt truck 2.2 cubic yard or 59 cubic feet