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C&M Cotton Gin & Textile Baling Presses

C&M Cotton Gin & Textile Baling Presses

Over the past 20 years, C&M has developed the world’s largest selection of specialized baling presses for baling natural and man-made textile fibers. As a result, C&M is the current dominant supplier of waste fiber balers for the cotton ginning, waste fiber processing, and textile industries. Cottonseed breeders, cotton classing facilities, cotton ginning operations, cotton mote plants, textile waste processors, blended fiber converters, cotton research facilities, and micro-ginneries are some of the specialized operations benefiting from C&M efforts to design and supply high quality, modern state of the art, and unique baling presses. Certain man-made fiber operations also utilize these baling presses for densifying and handling of waste filament or trimmings.

C&M Model 700 Textile/Cotton Mote Series manual tie horizontal baling press with a 7” bore compression cylinder, 30HP hydraulic power unit, and independent operator control panel for producing bales expanded to ~57 inches x 30” high x 30” wide. This baling press is also offered with a 20HP or 40HP hydraulic unit for lower or high production rates.

C&M Model 1000 Textile Series baling presses are for producing mill lay-down sized bales. This series is available with 30HP and 40HP hydraulic power units,7’ and 8” bore compression cylinders are most commonly used, have independent operator control panels, bale wires are easily inserted into the top of the baling chamber, and various models produce bales 27” high x 54” wide,424” high x 54” wide, 20” high x 54” wide...all with variable bale lengths to allow a controlled untied expansion for textile mill opening room automation.

C&M Model 2000 FULL-EJECT Textile Series horizontal baling press has all the features of the Model 1000 Series with the additional features of an extra-long compression ram, automatic end door opening/closing, and PLC controlled automation features to reduce labor cost and increase capacity. A bale can be tied in less than 2 minutes, and depending on type of waste fiber materials,production rate in excess of 10 bales of hour has been reported using one press operator. An automated bale conveying, weighing, and bagging option is offered with an independent operator control panel. A cotton opening and wad buster is offered to condition in feeding cotton when needed. For the cost, this C&M 2000 Series Full-Eject Textile Baling Press is unmatched in the world.

C&M Model 3000 Automatic Tie Cotton Mote/Waste Fiber Baling Press eliminates virtually all labor required for baling heavy waste fiber at cotton gins,textile mills, and reclaimed (uncombed) fiber operations. This highly efficient and dependable baling press only requires an owner and someone to occasionally remove a few bales to make space for more bales...but this press does not require an operator. Eight 100 pound coils of boxed baling wire can be located on baler attached spools, or eight 1800 pound stumps of wire can be located adjacent to the press...enough baling wire for months of operation! This baling press is justified in a 35 BPH cotton gin or a 100 BPH cotton gin, or any application when automation is useful to reduce labor cost.

C&M Round Bale Cotton Module Wrap Baling Presses with 10HP power units,use quick-lock mote press baling wire (not special wire), produce heavy bales sized the same as your mote bales...prefect for loading in sea containers to recover the highest prices for baled module wraps or transporting along with mote bales to your mote processor. Bales are formed from the small end compressing on only 900 square inches compared to cardboard balers, using the same compression force, on 1800 square inches-double the compression force per square inch! These model presses are also efficient for baling cotton wrap film at textile mills to increase the value and increase bale handling efficiency. Both balers use 13'6'' quick-lock baling wire.

Trailor loaded for shipment

C&M Model 3030H (most efficient)

30" x 30" dense bale for easy trailer or container loading

C&M Model 3030V (small foot print)