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PreCrush Compactors & Waste Compactors

PreCrush Compactors & Waste Compactors

Crusher Door

Compactors should be used only when dealing with general waste that has no meaningful recyclable content and to reduce the volume of waste so fewer expensive garbage pick-ups are necessary.

When waste needs to be destroyed and/or greatly reduced in volume, consider the C&M designed, highest quality PreCrushCompactor with many optional features for those demanding applications. Most “compactors” reduce waste from 1:2 and 1:4 ratios and a C&M

C&M manufactures the CM PreCrushCompactor, but if your application is less demanding, C&M distributes quality low cost general waste compactors.

PreCrushCompactor will likely double those for 1:4 to 1:8 ratios.

C&M’s PreCrushCompactor has many unique features not found on other PreCrushers to solve problems that plague other PreCrushers. Some examples are the Crusher Door track and platen/ram plates are ALL replaceable wear materials designed for lubrication and wear NOT STEEL-ON-STEEL! The C&M PreCrushCompactor has two ram wipers to help eliminate waste from entering the rear of the machine and two see-through lockable cleanout chutes to make cleanliness practical.

The C&M Crusher Door has a guide-track cleaning device for clearing materials such as Styrofoam and wood chips. The C&M Crusher Door is shown with solid steel bars to break wood and other rigid materials.

The C&M PreCrushCompactor is manufactured with C&M baling press QUALITY and not the lower “industry accepted” compactor quality.

2.71 to 4.22 cubic yard Stationary Compactors
1.58 to 2.31 cubic yard Stationary Compactors
Compactors 1.51 cubic yard Self‐Contained Compactors